Why Website Investing?

The website investing space brings together:

  • Website publishers, advertisers & affiliates

  • SEO operators & website flippers

  • Website marketplaces & brokerages

  • Main street investors & micro private equity

It’s a fascinating space to play with high yields (up to 40%), high risk (due to Google updates) and huge potential upside where you can flip an asset for 2x within a year (I have).

Website investing means investing in content websites.

Content sites are either product review sites or blogs where the majority of their traffic comes from Google organic search. They are predominantly monetized by advertising and affiliate commissions, as well as revenue from info / digital products.

Content sites are not directory / lead generation sites. Nor are they ecommerce stores (such as a Shopify / FBA) or SaaS.

This publication is for both active investors and passive investors.

Active investors look to pick up undervalued or under-optimized websites where they can add their skill set to dramatically increase revenue, to be able to flip or cashflow. Passive investors who have limited time to improve a website after purchase, should focus on websites with consistent revenue, that already have good SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) baked in, and focus on maintaining revenue to cashflow.

This publication is run by me, Richard Patey. You can find out about my backstory on my personal site here.

Below are the pillar articles syndicated here on Substack:

How to Snowball $100k into $1MM within 3 Years

Ultimate Guide to Building & Selling Content Sites

Why I Build & Sell Software Review Sites

And here is my Website Investing Toolbox with recommended companies (on my personal site).

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But this isn’t about content.

It’s about getting an edge.

You are in competition with other investors.

You need an edge.

And this is an underpriced edge.

My intention is that one insight or strategy derived from my exclusive content will make 10x what you pay for an annual subscription.

Or it will potentially save you 100x from avoiding a bad acquisition.

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